Floral Abundance

2013 / watercolor on paper / 50 x 1000 cm
2013 / akvarell papíron / 50 x 1000 cm

SEOUL MUSEUM OF ART NANJI RESIDENCY / South Korea International AIR 2013

SeMA Nanji Exhibition Hall, Szöul, Dél- Korea

 "Szabo Klara Petra is an Hungarian visual artist working with mixed media including Painting, Site-specific, and animation. Since 2006, Petra has created an expansive body of Various works which include representations of the interoperability, Abundance and Oblivion. Her recent work involves Intertactive-based sculptures, abstracted forms and intriguing museum-like works which explores the possible ways of ’Intermedializing’ traditional techniques whilst transgressing her Subjects and Practice.
Petra’s multidisciplinary practice involves the use of playing with symbols that often can be re-imagined and interwined into iconography images. As a progression from a personal or autobiographical perspective, She uses the foregrounding significance of embodiment to identity, a deeper root into her situation whilst abroad.
Her new work during the Nanji Resiedency ’Floral Abuandance’ is a 10 meter long Painting, Covered by an arrangement of Flowers which are carefully hand painted and placed according to her buoyancy. Petra resolves this by carefully painting as many flowers on day to day basis- striving to Communicate her intimacy and Cultural Situation in Seoul. Petra’s use of watercolour, and thermo paint lies under contemporary condition which challenges perceptions of Painting as a domestic craft and recasts it as a tool of critical investigation and self discovery."

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