Under the same sky

Under the same sky I. / 2015 / paper lenticular lenses / 67  x 49  x 18 cm
Under the same sky I. / 2015 / papír, lentikuláris lencse / 67  x 49  x 18 cm

Under the same sky II. / 2015 / paper lenticular lenses / 75,5  x 66  x 14 cm
Under the same sky II. / 2015 / papír, lentikuláris lencse / 75,5  x 66  x 14 cm

Incheon Art Platform Artist in Residency, South Korea

I practice the lifestyle of the contemporary travelling artist as professionally as I practices watercolour painting. This lifestyle, which includes moving from one resident program to the other, is intimately connected to my thematic and stylistic interests.

I use of various materials, while also exploring the possible ways
of ’intermedializing’ traditional watercolour techniques.

In this work I combined together my watercolor paintings with lentikular lenses. The shape of the work is a paper box, which symbolize my life. I can collect my memories, my clothes into boxes. I’m always traveling, so mostly I put my stuffs into paper boxes. Outside ordinary, but inside full with memories. There is a self-portrait in the middle of the box. It’s moving because of the
lenticular lens. When I open my eyes, the background is my hometown in Hungary, when I close my eyes, the background is Korea.
Korea is a very place special for me. I already visited 3 times and sometimes when I’m at home, I really want to go back. Once one of my friend told me, if I close my eyes, I can go anywhere.