Another day without you - Just another perfect day / Egy újabb nap nélküled - Egy újabb tökéletes nap

2017 / installation, watercolor on paper, sound module
2017 / installáció, akvarell papíron, karton papír, hang modul

Kiállítva / Exhibited:

TEMI Artist in Residency Program / Daejeon / South Korea / 2017

As a foreigner, I’m an outsider and observer who could see the city from a different view. Through my subjective filter I show the hidden and almost invisible details, moments from my temporary home: Daejeon. My aim is to show my impressions through these small symbolic windows. Small, seemingly insignificant but important moments mixed together with personal mementos.
My oeuvre is characterized by a kind of cozy intimacy. My choice of subject matter is always exceedingly personal.
I make mementos of places, objects and people which represent the city for me. The viewers hear the sounds of these things and see the painting in the same time.

I place my paintings from Daejeon into paper boxes and connect together them with a sound module. I recorded the sound which belongs to the work so the result is an audio visual work.
First the viewer just sees the painting on the wall in a box. Than when the viewer opens the box, the sound module speaker turns on and heard the sound which belongs to the work.